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Thread: Deer movement today

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    Default Deer movement today

    22 does and 7 bucks this am, 14 does and 4 bucks tonight. Haven't seen these numbers since the rut. I had about a 100 inch 8 stay just outside of bow range tonight, i did get some good video of him, but wouldn't shoot with rifle . All the bucks were grouped up again. Hope it stays cold this last week. Going back to the stand from this am tomorrow with the camera and hopefully stick one on film. That is if my feet dont freeze....

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    Sounds like you had a good day.......Good luck tomorrow......
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    Definately a good morning,congrats!Good luck tomorrow!
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    We had a get together at my folks house today and driving back from the Union area to Lexington (on the Broad River Rd that runs parallel to the river though Parr Shoals & into Peak) and I saw at least 12 deer total in about 5 different places. They were moving good, but this was all after dark though.
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