March 8,L.Hartwell,Broyles landing,big 20 format($60 for members,$80 non members)

March 28(fri night) L.Wylie,South Point landing,combine with NC club big 10($60 per boat..we are waiving non member fee's since its a combined shoot)You will need to purchase a 2 day NC fishing Lic. and the reason for this is we are blasting off from a NC ramp so we can shoot 2 grass carp per boat.

March 22Bren Stone benefit cookout/tourney(more info to come)

April 5,Clarkhill classic/GBA state shoot combine, HWY 72 ramp/Dorn..we will draw for take off and leave from HWY 72 at 6PM and weigh/count at 8AM IF you are late you dont weigh/count.You have a choice between HWY 72 ramp and Dorn,no other ramps allowed.No Bows in boats 24hrs before the shoot.. This will be big 20/numbers BAA sanctioned.$200 per boat entry fee $25opt big fish pot,$10 big gar and $10 small fish pot(NO grass carp or Shad allowed)

April 19,L.Greenwood,New reedy river ramp..Big 15,10 carp 5 gar will be weighed

May 3,SC State shoot,more info to come on location..we will do big 20 for our club points