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Thread: Any Trad shooters in Charleston area?

  1. Default Any Trad shooters in Charleston area?

    Hello new to Charleston and enjoy shooting traditional archery very much. Looking to learn more about hunting deer in SC since I come from Missouri. Also any local clubs, Archery ranges, you now all the stuff a guy needs to find to keep his mind right. Thanks JIM

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    This website cracks me up 182 people looked at my post and not one reply what were you hoping to read when you opened it? I was just wondering if anybody shot traditional archery in Charleston that is it. Thanks for all the looks.

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    Jim, I live near Walterboro and shoot traditional. I don't belong to an archery club but I do a lot of shooting around the house. I don't know of any local archery clubs around here. There is an archery shop in Summerville "The Archery Shop", Bud owns it. He does a little business with trad but mostly compounds. He has an indoor range(20yds). He is a pretty good shot with a recurve. There is an archery club in Santee, called Lake Marion Archery Club. I here there is a lot of members that shoot traditional in that club. Google them, they have a website. There are some areas of public land that is archery only during the entire deer season. Get a rules and regulations book and check them out. They have all the WMA's listed and the seasons. This area is in Game Zone 6. If I can be of anymore help just shoot me a message. Welcome and good luck.

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    Old thread, but yes I shoot trad.. if your still around.
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    2900 views in 9 months and 1 response in that time...probably not
    Yippee Ki Yay

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    Keep this thing alive, I shoot trad!

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    I just looked to see what TRAD was. All I ever shot was a traditional bow. Old age and injuries no longer allow for that. I put a new string on my recurve a while back and like to have never found a string to fit it.
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