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Thread: Any Trad shooters in Charleston area?

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    Default Any Trad shooters in Charleston area?

    Hello new to Charleston and enjoy shooting traditional archery very much. Looking to learn more about hunting deer in SC since I come from Missouri. Also any local clubs, Archery ranges, you now all the stuff a guy needs to find to keep his mind right. Thanks JIM

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    This website cracks me up 182 people looked at my post and not one reply what were you hoping to read when you opened it? I was just wondering if anybody shot traditional archery in Charleston that is it. Thanks for all the looks.

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    Jim, I live near Walterboro and shoot traditional. I don't belong to an archery club but I do a lot of shooting around the house. I don't know of any local archery clubs around here. There is an archery shop in Summerville "The Archery Shop", Bud owns it. He does a little business with trad but mostly compounds. He has an indoor range(20yds). He is a pretty good shot with a recurve. There is an archery club in Santee, called Lake Marion Archery Club. I here there is a lot of members that shoot traditional in that club. Google them, they have a website. There are some areas of public land that is archery only during the entire deer season. Get a rules and regulations book and check them out. They have all the WMA's listed and the seasons. This area is in Game Zone 6. If I can be of anymore help just shoot me a message. Welcome and good luck.

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    Old thread, but yes I shoot trad.. if your still around.
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    2900 views in 9 months and 1 response in that time...probably not
    Yippee Ki Yay

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    Keep this thing alive, I shoot trad!

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    I just looked to see what TRAD was. All I ever shot was a traditional bow. Old age and injuries no longer allow for that. I put a new string on my recurve a while back and like to have never found a string to fit it.
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