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Thread: Midstate Quail Club

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    Default Midstate Quail Club

    New Club to be started right outside of Camden SC. Several properties available to hunt on and work dogs. You will be able to work your dog from Jan to Sept and are available to hunt beginning 12/1. You must bring your own birds or you can purchase from me if available.

    dues are $650 a yr and only looking for 4 members

    Call jay 704-2811-6316

    Stonesboro quail club- consist of $2500 acres- not all is set up for quail hunting i At least 1000 is perfect set up and cover to make a great hunt.

    note-----Quail hunting only this is a deer club as well and small game

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    we talked a few years ago. I am interested in the Midstate Quail club.

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    Jay, how well is this club coming together?

    It's too far for me to utilize, but I've thought of putting together something similar in the Upstate. Anything that gives bird hunters more opportunities is a positive for our sport and for Mr Bob.

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