Looking to for a fishing kayak. Been doing a lot of research. Leaning towards two models. The field and stream shadow caster 123 or the sea ghost vibe 110. A friend of mine just purchased a vibe 110 and i really like the set up. I will be doing some river and lake fishing. My only concern with the shadow caster is the weight, 94 lbs, nice boat but heavy. The vibe has a rudder system, does that help much with river current? Vibe weight is 65-70lbs. Won't be doing much dragging. Will be launching via trailer at landings. Would like to stay in the $800 price range. I know everyone has their personal perferences but would like to know how various models perform on rivers/inlets versus lakes/ponds, or does it even matter? Definitely going to purchase, just asking around to see what folks like vs dislikes. Thanks.