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    Looking to for a fishing kayak. Been doing a lot of research. Leaning towards two models. The field and stream shadow caster 123 or the sea ghost vibe 110. A friend of mine just purchased a vibe 110 and i really like the set up. I will be doing some river and lake fishing. My only concern with the shadow caster is the weight, 94 lbs, nice boat but heavy. The vibe has a rudder system, does that help much with river current? Vibe weight is 65-70lbs. Won't be doing much dragging. Will be launching via trailer at landings. Would like to stay in the $800 price range. I know everyone has their personal perferences but would like to know how various models perform on rivers/inlets versus lakes/ponds, or does it even matter? Definitely going to purchase, just asking around to see what folks like vs dislikes. Thanks.

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    This is the boat I use. Unfortunately it is not close to your price range you want to stay near, unless you can find a used one.
    It's a little long for small ponds and streams. Not as stable as some of the shorter, wider boats but is fast on lakes, rivers and other big water. The rudder helps a lot.
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    I have used a perception pescador for several years. It is 12 ft long and is perfect for almost any variety of floats. Short enough to be maneuverable in swifter currents but long enough to easily paddle straight with. They run around 500 at academy and are made with the same molds as the wilderness tarpon 120 used to be made from. The newer version is called the pescador pro and has a sweet seat in it. Adjustable height for different casting positions. Check them out.

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