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Thread: Son and friend hunting coyotes for first time

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    Default Son and friend hunting coyotes for first time

    Trying to help my son and his friend figure out how to start Coyote hunting at our club. I suggested they purchase a nice electronic call from dicks and that's all I know. Any advice would be helpful to get them started.

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    Moving decoy helps a lot in day-light__________.

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    This is nothing short of "Bad Ass" for calling game!!!

    I know you said Coyote hunting,,,,but watch the Glenn Guess video's. He is the man when it comes to calling hogs.........
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    We have our best success when we call in logging roads, atv paths, or small food plots. I'm not saying you can't call coyotes across open bean fields, but coyotes around here seem to be more comfortable when they have cover around them. If they have any cutovers around their club, you can have a lot of fun calling in those.

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