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Thread: Funny thing happened while checking a cam

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    Default Funny thing happened while checking a cam

    A friend and I went to check his camera on some public land, it was on a scrape, actually 3 scrapes that had been made into one, was about 5' long and 2' wide. We both walked to the scrape and looked it over. Discussed no really new scrape marks or pee in the scrape but that it had been worked since the cam was put out. He pulled the card and we were trying to decide on leaving the cam there or taking it out so we walked about 50 yards back to the truck and looked at the pics. Took maybe 10 minutes at the most. Returned to the scrape and there was a big puddle of diarrhea looking poop in the middle that stunk to high heaven. In the 10 minutes we were 50 yards away something came in and pooped in the scrape. Had pics of a possum, figured it must have been him, just weird. just weird...

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    Lots of deer and other critters are drawn to scrapes. Deer I expect but other critters I don't know why, maybe to see what's going on or who is around.
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    I reckon y'all got the message that possum was leaving!
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    Did your buddy hang back or "forgot something"......

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    I went out behind the house one evening and found three fresh scrapes in a short line. Feeling optimistic, I set up over them, but nothing showed.

    This location was tricky, it could only be hunted when the wind was from the north or east. If the wind was swirling, it would blow your scent throughout the whole area which was like a big bowl, so I couldn't get back into there for a full week.

    A week later the wind was right again and I went in but it appeared the scrapes hadn't been touched. It was too late to go somewhere else and set up, so again I took a stand over the scrapes. Nothing showed.

    When I got out of the stand at dark, I had the urge to urinate, so I went over to the scrapes and peed in each one.

    In the morning, the wind was still good and I went in to find thirteen scrapes, all thoroughly torn up.

    I never did catch up with that buck, but I sure torqued him off a little bit.

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