Hello all,

I recently decided to pickup bow hunting and am going to make this upcoming spring turkey season my first attempt at it

I知 currently looking at palachucola, Webb WMA and Hamilton ridge for public land hunts this spring.

What I am looking for is someone to learn from. A mentor to learn from. I知 not asking for handouts. I知 not looking for someone to just give me access to their land or their birds. But if someone has the time to help and to teach I would be immeasurably grateful. I know time is precious, goes double for hunting time

I have looked around and other then guided hunts aimed at helping kids. There are no such activities to help adults learn. I am signed up for a hunter ed course next month and have been practicing shooing my bow at home.

So if there痴 anyone on here that is able to help in taking someone bow hunting for turkey, I would really like to talk to ya!