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Thread: Lake Lee, Monroe, NC last Friday morning.

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    Default Lake Lee, Monroe, NC last Friday morning.

    After my son got off work last Friday morning we took our kayaks down to Lake Lee in Monroe, NC to see if we might get into a mess of fish. It was the first time for me back in the kayak since my deer stand fall in Oct of 14 so it was pretty much a test run for me to see how my artificial shoulder and new muscles would work without the rotator cuff tendons or muscle structure. We put in a late around 10 AM so top water was probably not going to be good. My son caught a keeper bass right off using a green plastic worm rigged "whacky". I fished an assortment of deep runner top water plugs and traditional purple and black worms but I never got a bite.

    We ran into one of my son's and wife's cousins who is a master fisherman by all regards and he donated two nice keepers to our cause. Thanks Harold! But, we got to paddle around for 4-5 hours before we gave up and headed home. Weather providing, we plan to kayak fish again this weekend.
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