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Thread: Anyone use a Hobie Mirage drive?

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    Default Anyone use a Hobie Mirage drive?

    I'm thinking of purchasing a Hobie Pro Angler 14 since I'm selling my motorcycles and conventional 16' Kayak. My shoulder surgeon says I'm wearing out my artificial shoulder by using it too much so it's a foot operated kayak as my only option.

    I looked at one at The Great Outdoor Provision Co. in Charlotte Sunday and was very impressed with the boat overall. I know it's heavy but I have a lightweight Cox trailer I'm not using currently and it can be adapted easily to haul the 150 Lb kayak around on.

    I like the camo model.
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    Saw them on hank Parker outdoors seemed to work pretty good. They also have what they call the Torqeedo motor insert that looks pretty cool
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