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Thread: Pretty Good Day In the Pamplico

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    Default Pretty Good Day In the Pamplico

    Went out yesterday with a buddy of mine and Richard Andrews of TarPam Guide service (another buddy) in search of some big Red Drum. The goal of this trip was to get our first drum using popping corks and artificial baits. The morning started kind of slow but we had a couple chances. First fish blew up on the cork twice. The second fish did pretty much the same thing. 0 for 2 to start. Then we had a little lull in the action. After a little bit we had another strike, this time it was a short strike on the lure and again we missed him. Getting frustrated now. Tons and Tons of bait in the area but for about the next two hours we moved around a bit and casted about a million times with no luck. Back to where we started the day and finally we had one come up and take the lure. Hook Set and Fight On!

    Number 1.jpg

    After this guy we fished on for about an hour until about lunchtime without anymore takers. Decided it was time to make a change and run to another spot. Ended up a few miles up the river just outside of the Navy Bombing range. Got to see two F18's making gun runs on a stationary ship target about 5 miles away. That was pretty freaking cool! Wish I had been able to get some pictures of that. This area had a lot more activity. We started seeing more and more bait balls that had looked more like what we wanted, balled up and nervous. We targeted as many of them as we could over the next 2.5 hours and put 4 more in the boat and missed another one before the wind ran us off.

    Number 2.jpg

    Number 3.jpg

    Number 4.jpg

    Number 5.jpg

    That last fish was an absolute STUD. 50+ inches and he put up a hell of a fight. All these fish were caught on popping cork rigs. I can barely lift my arm this morning and have a permanent bruise from the butt of the rod digging into my ribs. It was all worth it in the end. We could have probably had an epic day had we started in the spot we ended but that's fishing. Richard did an outstanding job working to find us some fish. I caught my first big drum a couple years ago and I was hooked. Been wanting to go do this ever since. Unless my dad or little boy is in the boat with me, my bait soaking days are done. It's corks or topwater for me from now on!

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    Nice reds. We used to watch the fighters duel over lake Phelps when we duck hunted, auwsom.
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    Very NICE!
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