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Thread: Youth Dove Hunt

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    Default Youth Dove Hunt

    We put on a free Youth Dove Hunt each year. It may be a little drive since we are in Statesboro, Ga., which is about 50 miles from Allendale, but if you have or know of a Young person that would like to come and have a fun hunt get in touch with us.

    We had one child last year whose dad was not a hunter and the kid had never been hunting. He became interested and had just passed his Hunters Safety test. He came to the hunt and with a little guidance he wound up killing a few birds and busting a few clays as well.

    Since then he has been deer hunting and shot sporting clays with us. He joined the NWTF and DU and now hunting is his passion.

    If you are interested feel free to contact us. I have posted some photos of the fields that we will have the Youth Hunt on in the dove hunting part of this forum.

    It will be a lot of fun and it is very rewarding.

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    Great job! That's what makes hunting fun,getting the youth involved!!!!
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    Good to hear y'all are doing this.

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