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Thread: Coyote Reaper lights

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    Default Coyote Reaper lights

    Has anyone used the Coyote Reaper lights? I'm thinking about getting one to finish a setup for coyotes

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    Haven't used theres. I use the class 2 nightsnipe by predator outdoors. You can choose what color bulds you want and it comes with 2. I got red and green, but you can get white.
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    I enjoy my Coyote Reaper light. I purchased the green light version. Can visually see out to 300 yds with it and can pick up eyes at 500 with it. Batteries last a long time with it as well. Comes with 2 recharable batteries. Nice product.

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    Never used the Coyote Reaper light myself for coyote hunting as I'm used to Wicked Lights, has some footage of the light in action if you're looking for it.

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