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Thread: Public Land Bucks

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    Default Public Land Bucks

    Lets see some pics of your public land bucks. please tell when, where
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    A few of them. 11 point, bottom rack ( 140# dressed ) came from Waterhorn WMA, taken with a muzzleloader at 10 yards after he snuck in to a grunt call.
    The rest all came from a different WMA - the Piebald was taken while hunting on the ground with a 250 yard shot, while he was following a Doe. The one on the far right was taken from the ground, a week later at 25 yards from the same spot I shot the Piebald. He was 230# live weight.

    Shot the broken horn Buck mid day, from the ground. Spotted him coming my way and snuck in on him to where I figured he would pop out of cover. I could only see his antlers above the high g r a s s until he crossed a small opening at maybe 30 yards where he dropped at the shot.
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    Public land in NY my biggest buck to date opening day shotgun 2012

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