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Thread: How To Become A Site Sponsor

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    Default How To Become A Site Sponsor

    Here's what you get as an authorized SC Outdoor News advertiser.

    1-----We will add your 400 X 113 Rotating Banner at the top of each page. When
    Clicked will take the person to your web site. Your Banner
    will be showing at least once on some pages 24-7 and twice on others. We also have
    a forum for Sponsors only where you can post your sales and/or Close Outs. The good thing about having your banner on this site is the people that you target
    for purchasing your merchandise is here 24-7.

    2-----The ability to add a link to your e-commerce website to your signature line.

    3-----If you do not have a Banner we will be glad to build one for your site with an extra
    Charge of $45.00

    4-----Our advertising package runs for one year from the date of purchase and the price for the size 400 X 113 Pixel Banner is a low $105.00 for this service. This size should be in GIF or JPG Format. A notice will be emailed to you approx. one month before the year expires to give you plenty of time to decide if you would like to renew at that time. We can accept payment through PayPal, Money Order or personal Check. This service is available to existing registered members as well as newly registered members to the forum. You will also be able to insert your home page link as your signature but please do not promote your site if you have a forum. Please email the administrator for any questions or mailing address. Thank you.

    5----Non Profit Clubs can put their listings and meeting up free of charge since they will not be selling any goods. Once you try to sell goods without becoming a sponsor your post will be deleted.

    6 I hope all of our Registered members will help our Sponsors out by doing business with them since they are responsible for keeping this site up and running and be sure to tell them that you saw their ad on the site when you shop with them. Thanks Rick (deerman)

    7----Email me with questions at
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