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Thread: Duck blinds/memberships for lease

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    Default Duck blinds/memberships for lease

    Newly acquired duck hunting property in Hampton county, SC has 4 blinds and and two individual memberships available. Plantation Duck Club is made up of 180 acres of planted impoundments and managed moist soil units. The property has been planted and managed for waterfowl for almost 25 years and has a history of attracting good numbers of ducks. We have a total of 12 club blinds and will rotate throughout the season. 4 man blind lease is $10,000, limited individual memberships are $2,500. We support wild waterfowl and will not be releasing any tammies. Please PM me for more info. Thanks

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    Wow that is expensive. Sounds like a good hunt though.
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    PM Sent. Thanks for the heads up, Iceman.

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    PM's returned. Thanks

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    Only two blinds left

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    One blind and two individual memberships left

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    One individual membership available for this season. Thanks

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    Couple of individual memberships and a couple of blinds available for 2019-2020. Call Joe at 912-230-3882
    Will be showing club this Sunday.

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