The Flop -Eared Doe

​This is an ode of a flop-eared doe
That taught me things I need to know.
Now a flop-eared doe near a hilltop stood,
And a hunter stalked as hunters should,
With steps so gentle up from the West
And the wind direct in his face and chest.
As the doe fed aimlessly along
The hunter’s heart began a song.
Then the hunter knocked an arrow straight
And thought of when to shoot or wait.
Soon, like a flash, the wind did change
And the flop-eared doe did rearrange,
Her North end quickly moved on South,
Then out of sight was the tiny mouth
Of the one who fed on acorns sweet,
The doe that caused my heart to beat.

A lesson now we learn from this
That things go wrong and fall amiss.
Sometimes our North turns and travels South
And leaves us stunned and dry of mouth.
But we must know God gives His best
To those who trust and stand the test,
To those who take the time to seek,
To those whose hearts and minds stay meek.
He leaves us not, nor lets us stray
Far from His care, His perfect way.
Those things that change, our “might have beens.”
We’ll understand on that day when
We see our Savior’s lovely face,
And understand His love and grace.

By Dave L. Roose