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Thread: April 10th opener statewide

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3chunter View Post
    People clear all their property and then wonder where their turkeys are. Thatís a major problem these days but not the main issue. Main issue is predator numbers are enormous and the law wonít let us shoot hawks and our trapping season isnít long. Fix those and the population would increase drastically.
    They only want to attribute the decline to the hunter, and, more specifically, the experienced hunter who actually kills turkeys. This quote from the paper sums it up:

    "Although gobbler harvest rates in South Carolina have not been verified by field studies, it is estimated that approximately 39 percent of males are harvested annually from the population.
    This harvest rate is based on long-term average disparity in hen to gobbler ratio observed during the Summer Turkey Survey which can only be explained by differential mortality between the
    sexes, in this case attributed to hunter harvest."

    So they claim that 39% of all gobblers are killed annually, and attribute all of them by hunter harvest? BS on every level.

    Again, if you are on private land, and manage your land/flock, odds are you aren't seeing anywhere near the decline they are reporting. Last year, 4 mature toms were taken off our farm, and 10 across the road, which is hunted more heavily. That's 14 toms off over 8,000 acres. On our farm, there were AT LEAST 12-15 gobblers I knew about/had seen left at the end of the season (which means there a more I never saw/heard), and similar across the road, if not more because they feed heavily. This fall, I've seen 25-30 fully-bearded gobblers just out and about/deer hunting.

    I guess we just need to resign ourselves to the fact that turkey hunting IS GOING TO BE CURTAILED on a one-size-fits-all scale, period. Maybe they will get around to the other issues, such as increased predation from invasive species, at some time in the future, populations will rebound to the point they are a nuisance, and maybe we'll get to hunt again.

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    This is what is called a SWAG.
    Scientific Wild AXX Guess

    Problemly mean well but how realistic is it.

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    SWAG=TRUE............Most WMNA's don't have food sources of the low country hence less turkeys and deer..........All critters including humans concentrate at the food sources/habitat........The once size(season) fits all is BS all the way round.

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    We see some pretty big bachelor groups in the winter. Most are gone in the spring. Spread out I guess you would say. Over the last few years they seem to have increased but not this year. I don't think that is indicative of the population around the state. We saw more in the spring when there were fewer and smaller bachelor groups. I am no expert on turkeys or turkey hunting just what I am seeing.
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