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Thread: 257 Roberts hog load

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    Default 257 Roberts hog load


    Really had no business doing load testing on this day, because the wind was blowing pretty hard, but it was the only day I had to test and sight in before going hog hunting in 2 weeks. Starting load shot under 1 inch, despite the strong winds. Didn't shoot over a chronograph but book shows it should be in the neighborhood of 2750fps. If I had the time, I would run another load and try it. The primer isn't even close to showing signs of flattening, and there are no pressure signs with the case anywhere. Should be able to get this one up past 2800fps with no issues when its all said and done.

    120gr Hornady Interlock HP
    45grs Reloader 19
    CCI200 primer

    Should be good enough out to 300 yards. That's a fairly tough bullet that holds together well, but also has some rapid expansion. We shall see how it goes.

    I think with some tweaking and a still day, I can get this one to group at .500"
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    I pick up some 60gr Hornadys of some type in a bucket of stuff I got. I wonder how fast they will go in my .25-06....since I don't have a 25-20 WCF?

    BTW that says .944
    Yippee Ki Yay

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