We are looking for a trapper, with their own boat and a minimum of 50 foot-encapsulation/dp traps for the raccoons and a minimum of 35 padded foot traps for the coyotes. This would be for two islands/jobs approximately fourteen trap night each, depending on rate. Please quote a daily rate. Both islands are only accessible by boat. An ATV will be provided on the island for transportation. Traps must be checked every morning and the raccoons humanely euthanized. The meat and hides cannot be sold. You will be working under a depredation permit.

Otter Island, Colleton County. This island is boat access only from Bennetts Point Landing.
Bay Point Island, Beaufort County. This island is boat access only, usually from Station Creek Landing.

I have the paper work that you would fill out and submit to the DNR so if you qualify give me a PM with your mailing address and I'll shoot it to you. Map of the Islands are included with paperwork. It would be best if you are familiar with the location of both Islands and this is to help protect nesting turtles this nesting season. I promise you it will keep you busy doing what you love to do for several weeks.