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Thread: Anyone besides me follow EliasVFishing on Youtube?

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    Default Anyone besides me follow EliasVFishing on Youtube?

    I like his fishing show on Youtube very much. He's a transplanted New Yorker working/fishing out of the Wilmington area and does offshore and inshore fishing out of his 12' Hobie Outback peddle kayak. Since I'm a candidate for a peddle kayak (Hobie Pro Angler 14) due to my shoulder weakness I started following him daily and really learn a lot about kayak fishing conditions, techniques, gear, bait, safety etc. His shows are not too long (avg 15 minutes) and he does regular "catch and cook" episodes. He will try eating almost everything he can catch. Probably more than I would ever attempt!

    Anyway, if you like kayak fishing his show is worth a try.

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    Thanks I like the kayak thing . Check your pm Bill.

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