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Thread: One ""Dazzed Hawk"" _________with a headache**

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    Default One ""Dazzed Hawk"" _________with a headache**

    This "Broad-winged Hawk" chased another bird __ into my back glass patio doors ___ ""BAM"" !!!!
    Knocked himself to the deck,shaking his head --then flew up onto my picnic table to regain his vision or balance,while sitting in the rain ??
    Gave me enough time to grab my camera for a few pictures,before flying back into the woods !!!! Mother Nature is amazing

    IMG_3136 (2).jpgIMG_3140 (2).jpgIMG_3138 (2).jpgIMG_3142 (2).jpg

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    Beautiful! I was in a tree deer hunting watching the tree rats run around when all of a sudden a hawk swooped down on top of one right in front of me. They wrestled around some and the squirrel got away but that hawk was just one step behind him the whole way. He finally gave up and flew away..

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    I have a lot of birds hit my patio door. Some are dead but a lot are knocked out it seems. I pick them up and hold them upright until they can stand. Most fly off in a few minutes other I set on the table up right and they eventually recover. A lot of humming birds hit the door a when they go crazy fighting over the feeders.
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