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Thread: New to S.C. hunting

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    Default New to S.C. hunting

    I'm an avid target shooter and I used to hunt when I lived up in New York State. I've been living in the Low Country (Beaufort) SC for over 11 years and have yet to hunt down here. My interest right now is to find land that I can hunt on for feral hogs & coyotes. Trying to navigate the SC DNR website for where to hunt & when is a bit confusing. Any helpful hints & tips as to where to hunt would be appreciated.

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    Have you checked out Francis Marion WMA?

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    Welcome to the forum

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    Default Thanks Kaboomer.. will check it out.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Happy Kaboomer View Post
    Have you checked out Francis Marion WMA?
    Thanks for the heads-up Kaboomer. I've camped & kayaked Francis Marion but didn't consider it for hunting. I'll check it out. Tony

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