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Thread: Another one of those tell tale __ ""gettin'old thingys""

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    Default Another one of those tell tale __ ""gettin'old thingys""

    Went to pull my camera cards this morning and had another one, of my ""brain fart"" type happenings occur -- last week when I pulled the card from the feeder camera, I turned it off and added some corn to the feeder. Well this morning,when I arrived the camera door was open and still ""turned off""

    I forgot to close the door & turn on the camera ( duhh !!!! ) __ man oh man,did I feel like a dumb-aZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ -- the good thing was,it didn't hurt the camera or SD card !!!! ____ I did have 500++ pics on the mineral lick cam ( going to change my timer on that one**) ___ the deer are hitting the minerals / salt heavy right now** -- had a new visitor ( the coyote below) __ I went ahead and took up both cameras for awhile -- I'll put them back out in a few weeks,to see if I got most of the raccoons,that were eating my corn** I have a lot of pics of pregnant does, ____ hoping to get some pictures of the "new babies" and some of the bucks with new racks** this summer -- have a great day my friends,Monk**

    coyote -- deer --squirrel --raccoon

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