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Thread: Gun Owners need to send a letter to this man in the SC Legislator.

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    Default Gun Owners need to send a letter to this man in the SC Legislator.

    Demand State Legislators Pass Constitutional Carry This Week!

    Next Wednesday is "Cross-Over Day" in the state legislature. That means only passed before then have a chance of being voted on in the other chamber.
    The strongest gun rights bill (H.3456) has been wasting away in the House Judiciary Committee for weeks - and if it isn't passed by next Wednesday, another year will pass without restoring our gun rights.
    They've had time to pass an illegal state budget and recognize dozens of "Doctors of the Day", but refuse to make our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms a priority.
    Who is the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee? Progressive Peter McCoy.
    Progressive Peter is a practicing attorney that had his wife appointed as a judge. Remember, state legislators control who becomes a judge in this state.
    Progressive Peter also loves to spend more and more of your money. He votes to grow state government every year when he helps pass the illegal state budget, and voted for the largest gas tax hike in state history.
    To make it worse, Progressive Peter is an enemy of the 2nd Amendment. Not only will he not give H.3456 a fair hearing and vote, he has sponsored liberal gun control legislation!
    State legislators elect their Leadership, and Leadership put Progressive Peter as Judiciary Chairman. Therefore, we have to hold our state legislators accountable for Progressive Peter.
    Who do they work for - us or Progressive Peter?
    Enough is enough.
    Both our state legislators and Progressive Peter need to hear we are not going to accept their excuses anymore.
    We need to let them know we're onto their political games and tricks.
    We need to demand they pass H.3456 this week, or we will hold our own state legislators accountable for allowing a tax-hiking liberal to attack our gun rights.
    Fill in your information to send a message to your state rep and Progressive Peter: "Enough is enough. Get H.3456 passed this week or I will hold you accountable!"

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    I sent e-mail messages through the SC House's own e-mail source to both Jay Lucas and Peter McCoy. I received an e-mail reply from the House postmaster that my messages were undeliverable. Evidently since I'm not a resident of either of their districts, I'm prohibited from contacting them. BTW, they are the two ranking members of the House Judiciary Committee responsible for not allowing H. 3456 out of committee!
    NRA LM, NAHC LM, Buckmasters LM, Palmetto Gun Rights, NAGR, GOA, Second Amendment Foundation, and proud SC redneck still flying The Stars and Bars.

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    It seems government in general is less concerned with the views of their constituents these days. Most seem more concerned with driving home their personal ideologies than representing their constituents views and supporting their needs. This is country wide and needs to be reckoned with. Take note when you cast that vote. Donít vote for the candidate that hates you and will work against you.
    "Any man who thinks he can be happy and Prosperous by letting the US Government Officials take care of him, better take a closer look at the American Indian."
    Henry Ford

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    "It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged." -- G.K. Chesterton - Editor, Ohio Press 1921

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    From Denise Snelling and Palmetto Gun Rights.

    Yesterday, Republicans in the House made a surprising decision.

    They didn’t decide to pass Constitutional Carry.

    They didn’t decide to stop the due-process shredding “Red Flag” proposal.

    House Republicans voted to suspend Rep. Jonathon Hill, the Constitutional Carry bill sponsor, from the Republican Caucus.

    Simply put, if you are an elected Republican in the House and pay the yearly dues, you are in the House Republican Caucus.

    And yesterday, the House Republican Caucus decided to suspend Rep. Jonathon Hill.

    This may seem confusing.

    Rep. Hill has been a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment and has fought for Constitutional Carry in South Carolina.

    But that is exactly why the Republican Caucus suspended Hill.

    It was retaliation.

    Plain and simple.

    I need you to email Rep. Hill right now and tell him, “Thank you for not backing down to these threats. Thank you for standing strong for the Second Amendment.”

    Rep. Hill’s email is --

    Ronald, the Republican leadership in the House does not want to pass Constitutional Carry.

    This session Judiciary Chairman Peter McCoy and House Speaker Jay Lucas, both Republicans, have tried every trick in the book to prevent Constitutional Carry from even being discussed.

    For the past few years, Rep. Hill has been effective at exposing anti-Second Amendment Republicans and they couldn’t take it anymore.

    In 2017, tired of waiting on leadership, Rep. Hill made a motion on the House floor to bring his Constitutional Carry bill to the House floor.

    This motion forced every legislator to go on record as supporting or opposing the Second Amendment.

    The majority of Republicans voted to kill Constitutional Carry at leaderships request. Over half of Republicans in the House were on record as opposing Constitutional Carry.

    This put a huge target on Rep. Hill’s back and House Republicans, upset with Hill’s unrelenting support of Constitutional Carry, finally took their shot at Rep. Hill.

    Instead of continuing to have their anti-gun positions exposed, Republicans in the House chose to suspend Rep. Hill.

    House Republicans are trying to send a message to Rep. Hill and Palmetto Gun Rights that our work to pass Constitutional Carry needs to stop.

    House leadership doesn’t want Constitutional Carry and Rep. Hill’s suspension from the caucus is their shot across the bow.

    But Palmetto Gun Rights isn’t backing down.

    Neither is Rep. Hill.

    If anything, this attack on the sponsor of Constitutional Carry has once again exposed Republicans in the House, especially leadership, as anti-Second Amendment.

    This shot across our bow has only strengthened our resolve to fight to restore the Second Amendment.

    Make no mistake.

    House Republican’s decision to suspend Rep. Hill from the caucus is retaliation for his steadfast support of Constitutional Carry.

    Unfortunately, this won’t be the only political retribution to come.

    Statehouse insiders are telling Palmetto Gun Rights that House Leadership wants to pass the infamous Gag Act to shut Palmetto Gun Rights up.

    Ronald, I need you to prepare for a legislative fight like we have never seen before.

    Rep. Hill’s caucus suspension is only leadership’s first move.

    They will come directly after Palmetto Gun Rights and it may happen sooner than you think.

    But until then, I need you to email Rep. Hill and tell him, “Thank you for standing strong for the Second Amendment.”

    Let Hill know that you appreciate his unwavering support for Constitutional Carry.

    Rep. Hill’s email is --

    Palmetto Gun Rights is not backing down.

    We are just getting started.

    For Freedom,

    Denise Snelling
    Palmetto Gun Rights
    NRA LM, NAHC LM, Buckmasters LM, Palmetto Gun Rights, NAGR, GOA, Second Amendment Foundation, and proud SC redneck still flying The Stars and Bars.

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