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    Birds gobbled really well for me yesterday. I went to a spot I haven’t hunted all year and hadn’t even been to listen or scout. I went to a place where they have traditionally roosted and got in there well before light. When it got gobbling time I had a group of 3 very close and another one on the other side of me close as well. Multiple other birds gobbling down the creek. I never called til I saw a hen fly down and she walked past me by herself. I called one time and all the birds gobbled. I laid my call down and in 5 minutes I had the single bird walking to me and the 3 came in from the other direction. They met in front of me and gobbled hard and all strutted. Short but very enjoyable hunt.

    I’m seeing a lot of hens by themselves and a lot of gobblers without hens. Lot of hens on the nest since they been breeding for two months now 77E13C6D-7ADF-4490-BC6A-33D7E485560F.jpg2030D87E-26E6-474C-B6DC-11CEAE75C2D3.jpg

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    Good work! I let a couple walk Saturday that were with hens in a road strutting. I stalked up to the edge of the road, and they came within 15 yards of me. Decided to video them instead of take #3 like that. Want to fill that last tag on a good bird/call sequence. The birds where I am in Colleton are still very much with hens, even late in the day, which is a bit surprising to me. Sunday's weather was unsettled and was the slowest gobbling morning/day I've had all year.

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    Nice bird. Congrats.

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