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Thread: Finally a land owner

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    Default Finally a land owner

    I'm from Pa but been coming to the low country of SC since about 2005 to hunt with some friends on their leases. Love, the state, love the people and love the deer hunting. Finally decided to make the plunge and bought a small tract of my own probably to retire on. Meanwhile working on the land to make it more attractive for deer to visit. Tried to plant my first small food plot (less than qtr acre and got mostly weeds. I limed it pretty good and used no plow mix even though i did till it. Any advice?

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    Congrats on your purchase. What part of PA?

    What time of year did you plant the no plow seed mix? That stuff doesn't stand a chance against summer grasses and weeds. It's a fall planting forage.

    You might want to consider planting some sawtooth oaks and/or plum trees in that area. I think those trees would produce a lot of forage, maybe more than any food plot could. It's an investment towards the future for a few years. Maybe you could do a clover patch, too.

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    Central Pa near State College. I planted in late March i don't think the lime had time to do its job. I will try again in Sept with Chicory and clover mix. I had two areas cleared with a forestry mulcher so you can imagine the soil is high in acid.

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    Welcome to the forum. Also from Pa. Pittsburgh. Lived in SC since 1978

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    What part of SC did you purchase your property?

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    We are in Aiken county just across the line from Barnwell county. I've hunted in Hampton county for years and will continue to do so but land is very expensive down there.

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