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Thread: Big Game Powder

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    Default Big Game Powder

    After owning several 7-08's over the years and trying many different powders with really good results from most the one powder I had not tried was Ramshot Big Game! After reading about it's virtues I decided to buy a pound and see for myself!

    The bullets I had on hand were Nosler BT's 140 and 150 gr, Sierra GK 140 gr and Hornady 139 gr SPBT!! With not a lot of starting point data I found a few loads from a trusted source and started there! Let me reiterate the ol "work up to if possible" adage!!

    I started with WLRM primers for all loads due to most saying this powder likes "magnum" primers! My first trip to the range with loaded ammo was kinda uneventful. All of the loads, except one showed signs of HIGH pressure! I mean all the classic signs, flat primers, slightly cratered, and some slight extraction marks. However, two of the loads shot really well tho!

    I hot-footed it back to the house, I only live 4-5 miles from the range, to "readjust" those charges. I didn't have a lot of time so I only dealt with those two loads that shot well, which were the Nosler BT's. I dropped the powder charge in both of the loads a little and decided to use a "standard" primer instead of the "magnum". I know, "you" changed two components at once but with the three pressure signs I had I highly doubt changing only the magnum for a standard primer and keeping the powder charge the same would have alleviated my problem, but I'll never know now!

    Back to the range I went! After getting setup I sent a few down range. Most of my pressure signs went away! The only sign I had now was a slightly and I mean slightly flat primer with no other pressure signs. I do not know the velocity, I need a chronograph but both Nosler BT loads shot well with the 140 BT winning the accuracy prize.

    When I get a few days off Im going to "work" a little more with Big Game!
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    I have a little bit of that myself. They have new data out It might still be a little hot for yours. Looking at the new data you could be close to compressed and maybe why they like the mag primer. Don't you reduce by 10% when you use mag primers and work up?
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