I know we're lacking the traffic in this Bird Hunting forum that we had even a few years ago, but if a few of y'all are still lurking around I want to make sure you know about this. We've created a group on Facebook called the Birddoggers Social Club, and the whole point is to give folks interested in bird dogs more chances to get together. On that group page we'll post related events that we know about (NAVHDA training, field trials, banquets, etc) and we'll also post events created through the "Club", such as training days, social events, hikes, etc. This "Club" has no membership requirements; it's just an attempt to encourage the love of bird dogs, birds, and hunting.

I personally hate Facebook, but it seemed to be the most widely used social media platform. So I'm suffering for the cause. If you're just not on FB at all and want to be kept up to date with the happenings please send me a DM so I can figure out the backup plan... maybe I'll create an email list or something.

THIS SATURDAY July 13th at 7pm we will be gathering for a hang out time at Pour Taproom in Downtown Greenville. Dogs are welcome. It will be a good time and completely informal. I hope to see some of y'all there.