I have a chance to lease right at 1200 acres in Jackson county Ohio.

The land is big timbered draws, hollers, and clearcuts.

The land has not been hunted in 3 years so there should be some older age class bucks on it.

If you've never hunted SE Ohio, you are in for a treat. Its fun and some world class bucks roam there.

Also 1200 acres there hunts REALLY BIG, and would feel more like 2500.

The lease is short notice for me, therefore itll be short notice for others joining me on it. That is the only drawback to it, I dont have alot of time to get the money together for payment.

I would like to do 8 folks at 2,000 per man to keep the hunter numbers low.

Im working on a set of rules now, and praying I get enough folks.

If you are SERIOUS, and have the money AVAILABLE shoot me a text and we can talk