Hey everyone, just joined the forum figuring this would be a good start to ask some questions seems like there’s a lot of knowledgeable people here.

My cousin and I have been visiting the awesome state of SC for the last 6 years on a hunting trip for hogs on both Francis Marion and Woodbury for the spot and stalk week. Over the years we've bumped into some really friendly people down in the forest while camping; other hunters and people who live down that way.

Without being too long winded was just throwing out a line to see if there are any members here that wouldn’t wanna chat or have any info on some private property that has the potential to be hunted to get the hogs off it, maybe to help the landowner etc etc, figure out specific details later. I’ve also always wanted to run dogs but I know thats a little more to it than just gettin permission to hunt a piece of land. I run a catahoula cur I got from a buddy down near johnsnville and a pure bred catahoula I drove down to Robertsdale Alabama to get. Both dogs were bred for hog huntin and their drive is awesome but all we have to run up here is coons. I’d love to run em but the dog season on the wma is only a week and driving them down 13 hours to throw em to the “wolves”makes me feel not so confident. If anyone is interested in opening up a convo I’d love to chat about some private land etc. to get em on some hog training, I’d drive em down but don’t really know much.